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Results Saturday

Cup deciding set –  TSV Pfungstadt vs Novo Hamburgo 5:11 – WINNERS NOVO HAMBURGO

Deciding set for the Weltcup. One set. Winner takes all

Neither team made changes to the line up with which they started the match. Up to 3;3 the game was evenly balanced with spikers Schreiber and P. Thomas troubling the defences with their pin point serves. Then Fausto started a great run of attacking play. Three points in succession meant that Novo Hamburgo took a 3:6 lead . They never looked back from that point onwards thanks to their strong defence which Patrick thomas could just not penetrate to get Pfungstadt on the scorboard again. At 5:8 Novo Hamburgo proved that experience is vital in such an intense match. Fausto and his team made no mistakes taking the set by 5:11 .

Novo Hamburgo are Weltcup winners!

No changes to team.

P Thomas to serve.

1:0 Strong serve by Thomas on Poersch.

1:1 Fausto!

1:2 Defence by P Thomas strong. Fausto makes the point out of attack

2:2 Poersch does not get the ball.

2:3 Novo Hamburgo with strong defence. Dao and Poersch. P Thomas in attack. OUT.

3:3 Ace by Thomas

3:4 Set by F Schmidt. Point by Fausto!

3:5 What a point by Fausto. Ball is way over the net but he plays it.

3:6 Again Fausto. Point over Trinemeier.

Change of sides

4:6 Now Thomas! Point over Fontura

4:7 Fausto! Point between P Thomas. and Ajith Fernando.

4:8 Set by S Thomas is to far. Point for Novo.

5:8 point for Thomas on Fausto

5:9  Novo fight for every point. Fausto short ball

Time out

5:10 Fausto!. S thomas does not get the ball. Championship point Novo

5;11 Ball set to far by S Thomas. Trinemeier does not get to it

Novo Weltcup winner. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Game 3: TSV Pfungstadt vs Novo Hamburgo 3:2 (11:6; 2:11, 8:11, 11:5, 11:6)

The match of the day. Both teams started with their top line up.

Pfungstadt went into the first set with a point to prove. They were dominant in defence and in attack. A number of unforced errors by Cyrill Schreiber and Juliano Fontura allowed the Germans to take an unassailable lead of 8:3. Thanks to out balls and net balls by Pfungstadt allowed Novo to close the gap to 8:6. Pfungstadt kept their cool and took the set by 11:6

Novo Hamburgo came back in the second set with a vengeance. Fausto hit point after point while Dao Schmidt had put up a great game in defence. Every ball he set was on the line and it there Fausto did not have trouble converting the balls into points. the set was a clear cut affair with Novo Hamburgo winning by 2;11.

Novo Hamburgo continued to dominate. at the start of the third set and led by 0:4. Pfungstadt came back into the game after calling a time out and equalised to 6:6. Schreiber made a number of unforced erroros. to allow Pfungstadt back into the set. At 8:8 the brazilians had luck on their side and converted the balls set by Dao Schmidt into points. The set ended by 8:11

Schreiber started the fourth set with a service error. Pfungstadt took advantage of the slight insecurity in the game of the Swiss international and built a 4:0 lead.  Novo never found back into the set which was marked by long exchanges and strong defensive work. Patrick Thomas was able to convert Pfungstadts chances into something measurable however and the Germans won the set by 11:5

The last and deciding set of the game was the same affair. Pfungstadt were allowed to take the lead due to a number of unforced errors by the Brazilians when they came into attack. With the score at 8:3 Pfungstadt were almost certain of a win but Novo HAmburgo closed the gap to 8:6 before Patrick Thomas again took charge allowing Pfungstadt to take the set and the game.

Pfungstadts win meant that one deciding set needed to be played to determine the Weltcup winner.


TSV Pfungstadt: 1 Patrick Thomas, 3 Andrew Fernando , 7 Ajith Fernando , 8 Nick Trinemeier, 10 Sebastian Thomas

Novo Hamburgo: 1 Cyrill “Fausto” Schreiber, 83 Juliano Fontoura, 3 Luis- Henrique Poersch,8 Francisco Schmidt,10 Dao Schmidt

Referee: Karl Hinterreiter

Game 2:  Novo Hamburgo vs SKW 3:0 (11:0,11:8,11:8)

Novo Hamburgo went into the game with their strongest line up while SKW made a couple of changes, starting the game with Arend von Stryk in attack and Marc Andre Witte in defence. The home team had a bad start into the set with von Stryk unable to put pressure on Novo Hamburgo. This allowed the Brazilians show all their strengths . The indomitable  Cyrill Schrieber left the Windhoek team without a chance taking the set by 11:0. Schreiber was substituted in the second set. Juliano Fontura continued were Schreiber left off building a lead of 5:2 for Novo Hamburgo. SKW regrouped thanks to strong spikes by Rico Kühnle-Kreitz and equalised at 5:5. With the score at 6:8 Skw made a number of unforced errors which allowed Novo Hamburgo back into the game. The Brazilians took the chance and won the set by 11:8. SKW coach Stefan Grögli brought team captain Sven Wiedenroth in defence . SKW held their own against the Brazilians during this set keeping it close.  With the score at 7:8  SKW had the chance to win their first set at the Weltcup but two unforced errors by the 17 year old Spiker Rico Kühnle-Kreitz gave Novov the upper hand. They took the set and the match by 11:8.


SKW: 1 Christoph Kubirske,4 Michael Zimny, 5 Arend Von Stryk, 6 Marc-Andre Witte, 8 Christian Knobloch

Novo Hamburgo: 1 Cyrill Schreiber, 41 Mateus Kunztler, 15 Alfredo Becker, 7 Matheus Lammel, 9 Daniel Becker

Game 1:  SKW vs TSV Pfungstadt 0:3 (6:11,5:11,2:11)

Pfungstadt took an early 2:7 lead against the home team who were seemed very disorganized in difence. After a time out with the score at3:9 the SKW came back into the game and but still lost with 6:11. The second set was a more balanced affair with the Windhoek team staying on level terms with Pfungstadt up to a score of 3:5. Then pfungstadt pulled out all the stops to take a 3:8 lead which they converted into a  5:11 win. In the last set Patrick Thomas returned ingto attack for Pfungstadt. The German national team player showed no mercy hitting points at will against the Namibians that impressed with their never say die attitude. Late in the set the SKW lost their captain Sven Wiebenroth due to injury after he spectacularly dived for a ball. Pfungstadt won the deciding set by 2:11.


SKW: 1 Christoph Kubirske, 3 Michael Baas, 7 Sven Wiedenroth, 8 Christian Knobloch, 9 Kühnle Kreiz Rico

TSV Pfungstadt: 7 Ajith Fernando, 8 Nick Trinemeier, 9 Oliver Späth,10 Sebastian Thomas, 13 Hendrik Vetter



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